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Cahill's Lookout

I went up to Katoomba to do my weekly shopping and decided to stop at a few of the lookouts off the Cliff Drive that I have not done before. They offer great views following only a short walk to get to the cliff edge.

Photo: Cahill's Lookout, Katoomba

Cahill's Lookout offers an interesting view of Narrow Neck (You can see the road I drove along to do my posts in March and November), Boars Head Rock and the farmland of Megalong Valley (I did a series on this valley in May)

I don't know who Cahill is but suspect it is the same person who has the Cahill Expressway in Sydney named after him -- he was the NSW Premier who approved construction of the Opera House. Anyway there is a possible link with the great city of Sydney which gives me a chance to use one of my favourite city poems.

Words to walk with:
William Street by Kenneth Slessor
"The red globe of light, the liquor green,
the pulsing arrows and the running fire
spilt on the stones, go deeper than a stream;
You find this ugly, I find it lovely

Ghosts' trousers, like the dangle of hung men,
in pawn-shop windows, bumping knee by knee,
but none inside to suffer or condemn;
You find this ugly, I find it lovely.

Smells rich and rasping, smoke and fat and fish
and puffs of paraffin that crimp the nose,
of grease that blesses onions with a hiss;
You find it ugly, I find it lovely.

The dips and molls, with flip and shiny gaze
(death at their elbows, hunger at their heels)
Ranging the pavements of their pasturage;
You find this ugly, I find it lovely"


  1. Hi Joan, I noticed we both have images of the Boars Head Rock, mine are on Flickr. I enjoyed reading your blog. John Joseph CAHILL was premier of NSW 1952-1959, the lookout was named in his honour and the track and lookout opened by Blue Mountains Council in 1959, and yes the hideous expressway is also his; now if I can just get the squiggly password to work..John


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