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Town square

The old cement "candle" was destroyed , but behind the old shops a new town square has been built. It's attractive and functional linking together community buildings and preserves some older heritage buildings. We are all looking forward to seeing the new town that will eventually emerge. I'll be back with another progress report when things move on a bit more, probably a year away. That's it for this series. Over at Sweet Wayfaring I'm beginning a very hot day trip to Mudgee today.

Beautiful swan

But it's not all loss along the shopping strip at Lawson. A year ago I showed you modern additions being removed from the Blue Mountain Hotel . Here is the beautiful swan emerging from the ugly duckling.


With all the digging, demolishing and building going on at Lawson there is plenty of waiting for through travellers and locals alike. Today City Daily Photo bloggers are blogging on the theme of waiting. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants