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Nature Walk 1 of 8

We are walking to Landslide Lookout and near Cahills Lookout, which are short tracks off the Cliff Drive near Katoomba. In the summmer there are flowers along this path but not yet, it still blustery and wintery and a good time took look at the bones of the bush.


One last look at the frost before we go home. We start a short walk in the mountains next post.

Minus 3

The next morning we headed home. There was widespread frost with the temperature a chilly -3C.


And like most old towns there are interesting vehicle relics lying around in the paddocks.

Copper mine

Barraga was not always small. Like most of these towns it had a past, in this case a copper mine in the early 1900s.  Just a big pipe from a substantial operation remains.


We called into the small town of Barraga (Population 60).

Return journey

It was back past the farmland via a slightly different route.


We took a stroll by the river, taking in its delights before heading back in the direction of home.

She Oaks

Here the river she oaks grow beside the water.

The sink

We then reached The Sink camping area. I wonder which came first the name or the sink?

A change

The road was descending. Then there was a change in the type of forest trees.  I believe these are called Argyle Apple trees but they are still eucalypts.

Abercrombie River National Park

We are back among native timbers at Abercrombie River National Park.  We are heading off to The Sink camping area.  The road is quite rough.


Just a little while before entering Abercrombie National Park we came across this guy. Emus are big, a couple of metres tall.

At home for ever

In times past families often buried their loved ones on the property. This is a repost to participate in    Taphophile Tragics   visit there for more graveyard and cemetery images.  The variety is amazing.

Top of the world

The pine forests once again gave way to farmland. High on the ridge was like driving on top of the world. Overlooking this view were two lonely graves. I'll show you them in the next post.