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Garden gates

Garden gates, Mt Wilson Many of the beautiful gardens open their gates for Autumn and Spring, usually for a small charge.

The Avenue

The Avenue, Mt Wilson Back at the avenue arms are lifted in a different type of praise.


Cathedral of Ferns, Mt Wilson Take a lingering look at the scene in the tall window before rejoining the world outside.


Cathedral of Ferns, Mt Wilson Pause to hear the soft singing of birds.


Cathedral of Ferns, Mt Wilson Let go of all that entwines and receive God's peace.


Cathedral of Ferns, Mt Wilson Step through the arched doorway of this Cathedral and feel a sense of reverential awe, noisy feet cushioned by soft leafy earth.

Cathedral of Ferns

Cathedral of Ferns, Mt Wilson Let's start our day at the Cathedral of Ferns. A lovely rainforest walk among tall tree ferns and grand eucalytps. Misty rain is gently falling.

Lover's paradise

Bebeah Garden, Mt Wilson Today we begin a tour of beautiful Mt Wilson. This very special village is tucked away in its own secluded space away from the bigger tourist towns. It has no shops but plenty of life because unlike other parts of the mountains it has rich volcanic soil and high rainfall, perfect for both lush natural rainforest and grand exotic gardens. And it's perfect for romance especially at this time of year when the gardens are turning on their autumnal splendour. There are photographs at every turn, we are going to be here a while.

Blue Lake

Have a rest beside the beautiful Blue Lake made this colour from the dissolved limestone. Though the caves were apparently not so restful for Luke White, a cattle thief who spent a night in the cave after a drinking binge, and claimed he had seen the devil himself charge through on a coach drawn by six horses -- hence the Devil's Coach House (to answer Julie's question on the previous post). We are leaving the caves today. Disappointed that we didn't go inside the caves? You can see some from one of my earlier visits or take a look at this video of the Orient Cave by the Sydney Morning Herald.


We are leaving the Devil's coachhouse to take a quick walk beside the river before heading off home.

Heavenly scenery

From Devil's Coach House, Jenolan cave. Forget the devil, wherever you look you see the heavenly scenery of the Blue Mountains.

Devil's Coach House 2 of 2

Looking out the other end of the coach house.

Devil's Coach House 1 of 2

The Nettle Cave tour climbs up from the Devil's Coach House. Another great cavern like the Grand Arch.

Nettle cave

Most of the caves are an energetic walk some climb high and some go low to the watery depths. Today's photo shows the exit to Nettle Cave which is self-guided tour. While its not the best of the caves it is offered free with a ticket with one of the other tours.

Grand Arch

After a long winding descent the road goes through the Grand Arch, a cool cavernous space and a memorable experience.

Theme Day: Statues

Limestone formation, Imperial Cave, Jenolan Caves According to wordnetweb a statue is a a sculpture representing a person or animal. Now I know this isn't a person or animal but pay a visit to Jenolan Caves and you'd be amazed at the fanciful creatures the guides see in the stalagmites and stalactites. And it's a great lead into our next Blue Mountains adventure which is to Jenolan Caves. Today city daily photographers are interpreting the theme Statues. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants