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The creek

We end the walk with a view of the creek downstream from the waterfall.  Just a short walk up to the top and back to the kiosk. I am going to take a short break until sometime in the New Year.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Thank you all for your interest and comments throughout the year, they have all been greatly appreciated.

Weekend People in Love

Joo said yesterday that this was a romantic place and I agree, there is something eternally romantic about waterfalls.

Ferny spot

Like most rainforest walks it doesn't take long to find a creek and ferny spot to rest.

Cable car

Here's the cable car.

Busy bees

At the next lookout I found bees feasting on the tall flower spike of a grass tree.  The wires you can see in the background are for the cable car.


As I walk along I notice this daisy like flower and wonder if it is native or an intruder.

Pea flower and butterfly

My heart frolicked with the butterflies in the sunlight.


Not far down the path I am lured down a sidetrack knowing it would deliver on the promise of a blue view.  I never tire of views like this.


I'm captivated by the texture of the bark.


I enter below the canopy of the trees and feel myself relax and breathe.  I love the earthy decay of the forest floor.