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Mount Wilson Gates 6

A nice metal gate is a very classy I reckon.  What is the purpose of a gate I wonder, to keep people out or invite people in?

Mount Wilson Gates 5

This is Nooroo. Like many of the gardens it is open to the public,  It's famous for its Wisteria collection but I really like the camellia hedge near the gate.

Mount Wilson Gates 4

Some of the gates are more humble, but how majestic is that tree.

Mount Wilson Gates 3

Ooo some of these gardens are posh.  They must need an army of gardeners to keep things clipped and tidy.

Mount Wilson Gates 2

We are strolling down Church Lane.  The gardens nestle among lush native rainforest where there are tall tree ferns like the ones behind this gate.  That's Church Lane below, I love the rock walls.

Mount Wilson Gates 1

It was a glorious Autumn day so we decided to go on an excursion to Mount Wilson, a delightful and quite remote mountain village blessed with perfect soil and conditions for cool climate gardens.   Let me take you for a walk past the gates of the grand gardens.