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My kind of track

The other day I was wondering which type of track was best ... an avenue of exotic trees or a dirt track through native forest.  I actually think neither of those (through they are both beautiful). I reckon the very best type is a winding road through rain forest. This is going through an area called Mermaid's Cave Recreation Reserve, beats me why since we are nowhere near the sea. @Megalong Valley Road

The view

There is quite a nice picnic area down the end of the track with a view similar to what we saw at Hargreaves Lookout. @Mt Blackheath, Blackheath

Two styles one track

Still not quite ready to head home we took the side track out to Mt Blackheath.  On the way you encounter both exotic and native trees.  Mmm which is best? @Mt Blackheath Road, Blackheath

Rock wall

There is a rock shelter out at Hargreaves Lookout.  I am always amazed at how they manage to get something as variable as stone to fit together so well. @Hargreaves Lookout, Blackheath

Hargreaves Lookout

It was such a lovely day, sunny but not hot, we decided to take a drive before going back home.  Following the road along Shipley's Plateau from Blackheath ends at Hargreaves Lookout which has nice views to the west where mountain wilderness begins to give way to farmland.  Rain was beginning to fall in places. @Hargreaves Lookout, Blackheath


We are lucky to have a Gleebooks shop here in the mountains.  Another place where I am sure to find something to enjoy reading.  They have a good poetry collection that I find hard to resist.  And I love looking at the beautiful garden books -- but don't buy them because no amount of dreaming is going to transform my garden.  But what's with all of the adult colouring books filling the shelves in bookshops these days? @Gleebooks, Blackheath


This is a part of the mural designed by Jenny Kee on the wall of Victory Theatre.  It is quite a landmark.  We are on our way around to the bookshop. @Victory Theatre, Blackheath

Sunny lunch

I Making the most the last weekend of our holidays.  Lunch in the park over the road from the Blackheath fish and chip shop before going for a bit of a stroll and drive.     @Blackheath   

In the clouds

Went down to Sydney where it was warm and sunny and came back to mist -- couldn't even see to the end of the street.  Life in like that in the mountains. @Lawson

A change of view

This is a favourite spot for me to work while I am waiting for hubby in Katoomba. It has a great view out the window. @Katoomba Library, Katoomba

Cathedral of Ferns

The Cathedral of Ferns is always a top spot for a short walk when visiting Mount Wilson.     @Cathedral of Ferns, Mount Wilson


We made new friends at Blackheath who took us along the start of Braeside Walk where there is dammed area where their children like to swim. @Braeside Walk, Blackheath

Majestic View

This is a sample of the view from the Hydro Majestic on a sunny day.  Things are looking a lot sharper then they did seven and half years ago. @Hydro Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath

The Wintergarden

Over the next few days I am going to back track and show you some of the other places we explored with our guests. The recently refurbished Hydro Majestic Hotel is on the must do list for many visitors these days. This is the Wintergarden which "offers a premium afternoon high tea which is the perfect place to enjoy this grand tradition whilst enjoying the spectacular views of the Megalong Valley." We didn't indulge but I might be tempted to go back one day.  I will give you a glimpse at the views tomorrow. @Hydro Majestic Hotel, Medlow Bath


We took our guests out sightseeing again today, stopping for lunch at the cool climate botanic garden at  Mt Tomah. @Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mt Tomah


We took guests out sightseeing today. @Victory Theatre Antique Centre, Blackheath

About life

I always feel creative at this time of year but the feeling doesn't seem to last more than a week of being back to work.  I've still got a couple of weeks to go. @Wentworth Falls

Still going

The murky weather continued today. @Springwood

Left Overs

We had a large gathering of people at our house for lunch yesterday.  Today we spent the morning cleaning away muddy footprints then settled on cooking left overs for lunch. It's still raining. @Lawson

Still not summer

The weather today got greyer, colder and wetter. @Katoomba


When I took this photo up at Katoomba this morning it was a rather pleasant misty morning but things have been going steadily downhill all day. It's now grey raining and cold with more or the same forecast over the next few days.

Last yellow

I found just one patch of calliopsis left.  From spring to early summer their yellow cheerfulness spreads in abundance along the highway and rail corridor. They are not a native wildflower (aka a weed).

New Year - More Resolve

Happy New Year.  I'm planning to walk more and post more often this year. Today we took a walk over to Badgery's Crescent because we heard a new shop had set up there. Replacing  Badgery's Attic which sold toys trains and old wares.  It's now artisan made wares and organic produce.  I hope they do well.