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Down we go.

Down we go.  This photo doesn't do the incline justice.  I will go a better job on the way back up.

New signs

They've put up new signs since I was here last.

Spying winter

One of the winter delights in the forest are the bright cheery wattles, there are several varieties in flower right now.


At the beginning to the track it doesn't look all the promising for people looking for waterfalls.  It is Sclerophyll forest. Sclerophyll forests  are a typically Australian vegetation type having plants (typically eucalypts, wattles and banksias) with hard, short and often spiky leaves, which is a condition closely associated with low soil fertility (rather than rainfall/soil moisture).


It's a circuit but I quickly decide that Adelina Falls the little dot close to the bottom will be enough for me today.  The sign says it is only 300 metres but its all down down down from here and up up up again afterwards.

Here we are

Here we are at the track.  Ready to go see those waterfalls.

Bird houses

The house will all the bird houses is struggling to look quite a pretty as it did in Autumn , but it still makes me smile.

Winter candles

Many of the gardens have banksias in bloom.  A native plant, they will also be in flower in the forest.

It's winter

Yep it's winter. The trees are bare with camellias brightening the gardens.  Mist and greyness closes in on us and most of the chimney's have a wisp of smoke rising from them.

I'm back

We are about to go off on the long promised walk to the waterfalls.  It's a dull cloudy winter day, not too cold and not windy so quite a pleasant day for walking. Here we are heading down Honour Avenue. I will be keeping out an eye for signs of winter on our way down the end of this street where the walking track starts.