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Some shadow play on mossy rocks while I build up the energy for the walk back.


It must be awesome out on those cliffs but you will never catch me doing it.

The edge

And here we are at the end of the track.  Yes the track stops at a cliff edge like this with an expansive view across the valley to similar cliffs.   It's unfenced so I wasn't going near the edge but climbers do.  There is a tiny white dot towards the bottom of the cliff in the foreground ... it's a climber hanging from a rope. I'll show you a closer look at him in my next post.

Weekend fun

Some weekend people who passed us on the way.


It's glimpses like this from the rises in the path that spur me on.  The path will end at a cliff edge like this.


Even with photographing flowers to distract me I am getting tired. When will this track end? It's also worth noting that all of the photos in my last post were taken in landscape like this (which is typical of Blue Mountains ridge tops) ... at a distance it looks unpromising but up close and in detail there is an amazing diversity of plants.

Red and yellow

I did say this was a flowery walk.  Ah spring.

Flowery walk

We decided to have lunch at Mt Tomah, the cold climate botanic gardens which are on Bells Line of Road.  However, to work up an appetite we took the walk out to Walls Lookout which goes off that road. The last time I did this walk, in September 2007,  there were few flowers Bush fires had gone through earlier that year and it seems they had not had time to reestablish themselves because on this occasion there were lots to delight me. I think this lovely pink flower which was prevalent all along the track is a Boronia.

Nature Walk 8 of 8

I saw this lichen in the back of an old sign pointing to a walk I have not done. I might come back and do it sometime soon.

Nature Walk 7 of 8

Nature Walk 6 of 8

The first sign of spring flowers and some long gone.  Hakea I think.

Nature Walk 5 of 8


Nature Walk 4 of 8

Here's the view.  The light coloured sandstone in the foreground is where a landslide occured in the 1930s.

Nature Walk 3 of 8

One of the things I love about Blue Mountains cliff top walks is that hint of blue peeping through the trees, promising a big view to come.

Theme Day: Open Air Markets

One from my archives for theme day and to add to my weekend people series.  This photo was taken at Portland markets. (Portland is a town west of the mountains). The gentleman was selling fruit directly from his orchard and it was fresh and delicious. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

Nature Walk 2 of 8

The aged shapes and textures of remnant summer and autumn banksias.