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Flowery walk

We decided to have lunch at Mt Tomah, the cold climate botanic gardens which are on Bells Line of Road.  However, to work up an appetite we took the walk out to Walls Lookout which goes off that road.

The last time I did this walk, in September 2007,  there were few flowers Bush fires had gone through earlier that year and it seems they had not had time to reestablish themselves because on this occasion there were lots to delight me.

I think this lovely pink flower which was prevalent all along the track is a Boronia.


  1. Today I looked through your posts for the past week or so. They are all so exceptional. I will probably never get the chance to see at the Blue Mountains myself but enjoy them very much through your photos. Thank you.

  2. superb! wow it is so long since I have been to Mt Tomah.

  3. I dont think I have ever been to Mt Tomah. Shall rectify that in the autumn. This looks like a gerkin plant.

  4. So pretty in pink. I imagine the fires contribute to the new growth of some species of plants, the kind that need fire to open the seed?

  5. All, thanks.

    Julie, a gerkin? I thought gerkins were baby cucumbers which would never have a flower like this.

    Paula, yes fire certainly contributes to germination.


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