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Historic Hartley

Hartley is a great little spot with lovely old buildings.  I have shown you some of them before here ,   here and here .


Another day, another lunch out enjoying the beautiful weather. @ Old Hartley Post Office Cafe, Hartley


Here is one of the sandstone sculptures that are placed around the lake. I have shown others here  and  here @ Wentworth Falls Lake, Wentworth Falls

Extended Summer

With the magic summer weather continuing into Autumn it's perfect for a picnic. @ Wentworth Falls Lake, Wentworth Falls

Season Change 4 of 4

The acorns are forming too.  There are no squirrels to collect them in Australia. @Honour Avenue, Lawson

Season Change 3 of 4

The pine cones are ripening and providing extra sport for the Cockatoos. @Honour Avenue, Lawson

Season Change 2 of 4

The Liquid Ambers (Sweet Gum) are dropping their spiky pods and the cockatoos are up to their usual sport snipping off twigs. รง

Season change 1 of 4

I spend too many hours at my desk and rarely seem to get out and about in the mountains, other than a quick walk up to the end of the street to get some exercise.  This is one of the vistas I see on my stroll. The greens will change over the next few weeks -- already there are signs of the new season along the path. @Honour Avenue, Lawson