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Mount Wilson Gates 15

I guess you are getting tired of gates by now.  This is the last one.

Mount Wilson Gates 14

Even more austere gates look good to me.

Mount Wilson Gates 13

You've got to love a red gate.  Many of the gardens also have great mountain views.  You can just see the blue view peeping through Autumn tree here.

Mount Wilson Gates 12

If you look hard you will see it says Turkish Bath in this gate.  There is a Turkish Bath (now a museum) in the grounds of Wynstay.  That is a photo of the Bath House below. .

Mount Wilson Gates 11

Wynstay is so posh it has a gate house, though the properly looks a little run down these days.

Mount Wilson Gates 10

This gate says Applebury, former Post House.  The once humble house is looking really swish now.

Mount Wilson Gates 9

And here's another one with a hat.  It leads to the rather special church nestled among the tree ferns.

Mount Wilson Gates 8

Hey, here is a gate with a hat.

Mount Wilson Gates 7

I've always like the gates of Withycombe because of the metal leaves on the gate and because the name is in the gate and because I like the sound the name. That's the house below. Apparently the Patrick White's family owned this place in the 1920s and 1930s.