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Let's Celebrate

It's unbelievable - the highway widening is finished with four lanes all the way from Emu Plains to Katoomba, the streetscaping is done and all of the machines, witches hats and stop-go men have packed up and gone away.   They have been a part of our life for 35 years!!! And another thing to celebrate, we've been Wayfaring.  The trip starts today at Sweet Wayfaring … see you over there for a week or two.

Scribbly gums

We are back up in the dry with the scribbly gums and back near civilisation.  That's the end of this walk.  I'll try and get back again soon.

Last stop

I still for a little while loving the mountains with Maisy and Bob before heading back to civilisation.

The map

Here's map.  We have followed the path to the left until the track crosses the creek.  I will have to come back another time to pick up Federal Falls and Junction Falls.

Up we go

Soon we are back at the signs and the steps back up.  No we are not going that direction back to Lawson, that is the loop path that would take us past the rest of the falls.  I will show you the map of where we have been when I get back up at the top.

Little cataract

I sit for a while on a stone where the water falls over a little cataract, before retracing my steps.

Moss fall

Looks like a moss water fall.

Rock work

There is some lovely weathered rock just off to the side here.  And here's some more of natures rock work that I picked up on this walk.

Turn back point

We've found the next lot of stairs,  time to turn back.  By the way, the trees are a bit different here.

Fanciful trees

This one reminds me of a dinosaurs foot. And this one the big yellow pole that tilts over the freeway in Melbourne.