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Evans Crown 4

We end this rocky interlude with some information about the lichens which contribute to their weathering "Lichens are combination of two organisams: a fungus and an algae that work together -- relying on each other for life. Fungus gives the organism shape and draws moisture and nutrients from the rock to which it is attached. The algae lives within the fungus; it contains chlorophyll which allows the lichen to convert the suns energy into food." And as you can see the sun is setting. Time to go.

Evans Crown 3

The sign goes on to say "While much of the weathering occurs underground, wind and water erode the landscape eventually exposing the bolders. As the surrounding soil disappears the tors are left behind looking like giant marbles.

Evans Crown 2

The sign at the reserve says "Through movement and faulting in the earth's crust, cracks appear in the bedrock allowing water to seep in. The water weathers the sides of the boulders taking off the sharp edges and making the blocks rounder"

Evans Crown Reserve

I have been away most weekends recently so no time to adventure anywhere in the mountains.  But since it has been a long time since I posted here I've decided to post some shots from a walk in Evans Crown Reserve that I did around this time last year. Evens Crown Reserve is very rocky spot near Oberon.  Apparently form the apex George Evans first sighted the Bathurst Plains in 1813.  It was late in the afternoon and quite cold so we only took a short walk and got nowhere near the crown were there are some pretty impressive tock formations.

Under construction

"These pick marks were made to allow Governor Macquarie's vehicle to pass over the Blue Mountains 1813" Anyone who has travelled the highway through the Blue Mountains knows about the never ending construction project currently widening it to four lanes.  Don't expect it to end any time soon, it has been going on for 200 years! Under Construction is this month's theme for the City Daily Photo Blog community. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants