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Evans Crown 4

We end this rocky interlude with some information about the lichens which contribute to their weathering "Lichens are combination of two organisams: a fungus and an algae that work together -- relying on each other for life.

Fungus gives the organism shape and draws moisture and nutrients from the rock to which it is attached. The algae lives within the fungus; it contains chlorophyll which allows the lichen to convert the suns energy into food."

And as you can see the sun is setting. Time to go.


  1. Ah, so when I see the light grey lichen, in its centre, the wisps of green foliage is the algae.

    I wrote the lichen-tragic comment before opening up today's quote. But you already knew all that.

  2. LOL When I saw today's post, the first person I thought of was Julie. :)

    Love the softness the weathering and the lichen give the rock.

  3. I wonder how many species(?) are on that rock.

  4. I've always loved the look of lichen on rocks and so appreciated reading those facts. Thank you :D)

  5. I find it amazing that fungi and algae can grow on bare rocks. Although the boulder in your photo is being weathered, it has an atmosphere of strength about it.

  6. More to lichen than I thought, though I have a book partly about it somewhere just not read it. Though I have always liked the colours and variations, mostly seen on old headstones in churchyards or on the many dry stone walls that abound here in Yorkshire.
    Paul at Leeds daily photography

  7. I just discovered your blogs today and I love them...i will come back and explore. lovely descriptions and photos. thank you


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