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The end

I retire from the workforce this week and to celebrate have decided to retire my current blogs and start afresh with a single consolidated blog -  My Bright Field  - to record the delights of my new life adventure. If you are interested follow me over there where I will be recording the bright spots I discover in my gardens, towns and travels.
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Mount Vic has the misfortune of being the current village undergoing the never ending roadwork on the highway.  But good progress is being made and the parts that have been completed are looking good. That's if for this town.  I am not sure where I will go next.


We capped off our visit with a nice lunch at the Petalura Eatery.


The railway is important here too.  Many trians teminate here while others go onto Lithgow. Trains are a historic feature of this villiage with a Train Museum and a Great Train Weekend held each May.


Back up at the village you find a range of small shops and eateries as well as hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation.

Victoria Pass

The modern road down the escarpment is Victoria Pass.   I caught this shot going up rather than down.

Mount York

Finding a route across the mountains and then building a road across to the grasslands to the west was a very big thing in 1813-1815.  The western point of the road before descending the escarpment is at Mount York. They had lots of trouble getting down to the plains below with various roads being built over time, each trying to improve on the steep descent. At Mount York there is a collection of old monuments celebrating the centenary and other milestones.  There is also very interesting modern signage explaining the history.  A short bush walk (which I didn't do on this occasion) also takes you to historic cuttings from the first road.