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Mayfield Garden 2 of 7

The older sections have beautiful established formal gardens.

Mayfield Garden 1 of 7

Taking a step away from the natural landscape, over the next week we are visiting Mayfield Garden a large 36 acre garden nestled within a 5000 acre working farm near Oberon.  The garden is a work in progress having been started from bare farmland as recently as 1998. This is one of the newer sections. The plantings will be magnificent once they have age on their side.

Road home

We are back to the seat of contemplation which overlooks the road back home.  That's the end of this short, easy and enjoyable walk.

Shapes and colours 2 of 2

I was taken by the bright colour of the moss and lichen.

Shapes and colours 1 of 2

On the way back to my contemplating husband let's contemplate on some of nature's shapes and colours.


Here's the farmland.  Lovely and green from all the rain we've been having.  The farmers are expecting bumper crops this year.

More weekend people

Of course we were sharing the walk with other weekend people.  Some more for my series.


Here we go, the view is beginning to appear.  My husband chose to sit here and contemplate.  The lazy thing said he would see the rest of the view through the blog. Lucky we did this trip last weekend. It was extremely chilly this Saturday.

Pretty pink

I know you want to see the view and shall not bore you with lots of flower shots on this walk but some are just too pretty to pass by.


Hassans Walls is a rocky ridge just outside Lithgow.  Apparently it is the highest lookout of the Blue Mountains and being at the edge of the western side has good views of the farmland to the west.  But you've gotta walk with me first before you see the view.  I reckon these rocks are great.

Hassans Walls

Most weekends we decide whether to go up the mountain, down the mountain or over the mountain to the supermarket for our weekly shopping.   This weekend we decided on over the mountain to Lithgow with the hope of taking in Hassans Walls lookout.  As we climbed up the mountain through ever increasing fog my heart sunk.  Last time we visited Hassans Walls all we saw was a wall of fog and it looked like this visit would be the same.  But after a couple of hours shopping the mist lifted so I can show you this pleasant walk. The spring flowers are putting on a lovely display.


The food's good and the view even better.  Worth a visit if you are out that way. That's it for this trip. We are heading of for a quick walk out Lithgow way next.

Formal garden

How do they get those ball shapes so perfect? We'll have lunch on the terrace before going home.


Sundail at the entrance to the formal garden at Mt Tomah.

Mt Tomah

Mt Tomah is the cold climate botanical gardens.  It was a bit early in the season for the gardens to be at their best so I will just show one or two shots before moving onto something new.

Blue and White

Blue and white flowers found on the walk.