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Hassans Walls

Most weekends we decide whether to go up the mountain, down the mountain or over the mountain to the supermarket for our weekly shopping.   This weekend we decided on over the mountain to Lithgow with the hope of taking in Hassans Walls lookout.  As we climbed up the mountain through ever increasing fog my heart sunk.  Last time we visited Hassans Walls all we saw was a wall of fog and it looked like this visit would be the same.  But after a couple of hours shopping the mist lifted so I can show you this pleasant walk.

The spring flowers are putting on a lovely display.


  1. It's been many years since I've been to Hassans Walls. It would be nice to see the view again.

  2. Awesome colours and beautiful composition.

  3. Wow looks beautiful. I would never change that for a concrete scenery. I'm glad i live in a village near the forests.

  4. It is a great time - spring.

  5. So Australian.
    So beautiful.


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