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Mayfield Garden 2 of 7

The older sections have beautiful established formal gardens.


  1. mmm ... not very in keeping with its environment, though, is it? What was the motivation for the garden?

    When I was with the birders the other day, they reckoned that one of the worst things for birds was the mass move to native gardens since the 70s as that is when the minors (both types) pushed out the native birds.

  2. When I look at that top photo, I can't help wishing I was on the other side of the water.

    Julie, I see dominance, not that that necessarily answers your question.

  3. Peter I think they called it their Greek garden but I also thought of Tuscany.

    Now Julie what environment is it not in keeping with? I think it is a pretty good match against all that green pasture land. If you want a native garden buy a bush block, free it of weeds and let nature do its thing. One of the problems with native gardens without plants of local provinence is just the kind of problem you described with the minors.

    As for the motivation for the garden I think they are very wealthy people with a desire to act in the style of landed gentry. I certainly don't begrudge them creating a beautiful non-native garden (on already totally disturbed land) as their legacy. They have to be wealthy because I thought the days of having heaps of gardeners for your own pleasure was a thing of the past.

  4. I love this formal garden and the sculpture in the second photo is terrific!
    Have a nice Sunday:)

  5. But Joan, is this garden not full of 'weeds'?

  6. I'm dreadful. The first thing I thought about when I saw this was the mega hours required to maintain a garden like this.

  7. Julie, weeds are only weeds when they are not wanted Believe you me every plant is in its proper place in this garden.

    Vicki I could only think of the price tag.


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