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Magic Pudding Place 7 of 7

Gum blossom Now that's magic.

Magic Pudding Place 6 of 7

The end of the road It's a very short street and we've reached the end of the road. Let's go look for one last piece of magic.

Magic Pudding Place 5 of 7

Ah ha a touch of fun.

Magic Pudding Place 4 of 7

Blue I am beginning to feel a little blue, this is such an ordinary neat and tidy street.

Magic Pudding Place 3 of 7

Zen Garden The gardens are all neat and tidy, some with their own touch of magic.

Magic Pudding Place 2 of 7

Grevillias It's a very ordinary street but these Gevillias are magic and so was the weather that day.

Magic Pudding Place 1 of 7 - A Road that Beckons

Magic Pudding Place When I looked at the map at Faulconbridge trying to choose the Road the Beckoned I really couldn't go past Magic Pudding Place.  With the name like that there must surely be something interesting to photograph.  Mind you Bunyip Blue Gum Road came a close second. These whimsical names come from characters in Norman Lindsay's children's book The Magic Pudding which seems to have everlasting appeal rather like the magic pudding that always has something left no matter how many slices are taken.