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Pine cones

The other feature of the Autumn garden are the hundreds of small pine cones that fall from the pine trees at the front and cover our world in yellow pollen but the rain has washed that down.  All to be swept up in a couple of weeks along with autumn leaves and the pine needles brought down by the hail.

Neighbourly gate

The gate in our fence leading to the neighbour's garden ... I see their spring bulbs are coming up.



Very wet

Soo damp. But the dark trunks make a nice contrast.

Every turn

There is colour at every turn.


I have not had time to go for a walk and it has been rather wet lately as well.  So instead I am going to take you on walk on a rainy Sunday afternoon around my garden. You might remember this shot of a month or so ago.  Someone has turned the lights on!

One week

On Anzac Day as I came in from the march I snapped the top shot, thinking not much colour this year.  We have been away most of the week and came home to a dramatic change ... this is the same maple one week later.


Last weekend, Anzac Day ended with a rather spectacular hail storm.  We didn't get as much as some other places but the snow like covering of pea sized hail stones was interesting nonetheless and it played havoc with the neighbour's pumpkin patch.