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Camera eye 5 of 7

Camera eye 4 of 7

Camera eye 3 of 7

Camera eye 2 of 7

Camera eye 1 of 7

Before we start on the trek back home let's take a week of days enjoying the scenery through my camera eye.

More birds

I'd love to do a better job of photographing birds ... but as these just go to show I've got a very long way to go.


There were lots of birds -- sulphur crested cockatoos, black cockatoos, king parrots, rosellas, wattle birds, magpies, wrens and other birds whose calls I could not identify (I'm still learning to identify bird calls).  The noisiest and most present were the sulphur crested cockatoos.  I was playing with photographing them and hoping to catch one on motion.  Ooops, missed again.


It is a beautiful spot.  The trees are much taller here than in most other parts of the mountains. It is because the soil here is volcanic rather than the poor sandy soil of elsewhere.

Paper Daisies

I found even more paper daisies there this time.

What's there?

When I proposed going on this drive my husband asked where it was.  I said, that track out from Woodford where the trees are tall and there were lots of birds and I took photos of paper daisies and boronia and we saw a goanna.  I always remember places from the photos I took.

Yellow detail

Here's a closer look at the shrubs I showed yesterday.

Yellow display

I've not been out here in the height of spring before.  As we dropped into the valley I was surprised to see great swathes of these tall shrubs in a massed display of flower,  They are not wattles but are yellow pea flowers ... I'll show you the detail tomorrow.

Time to get out

With the temperature in the mid 20s,  the sun shining warm and bright, and the perfume of spring in the air it was the perfect day for a picnic.  So it was in the car with the sun roof open and off into the bush  ... we are on our way out to Murphys Glen.


Another month has passed and theme day has arrived without me walking locally.  So I dug into my archives not really expecting to find anything with perspective and found this.  It is Knapsack Viaduct, the old railway line on the eastern escarpment of the mountains. On the 1st of the month the City Daily Photo community have a theme day. For September it is Perspective. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants