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More birds

I'd love to do a better job of photographing birds ... but as these just go to show I've got a very long way to go.


  1. Magpie, Blue Wren, Jenny Wren.

    Once again, I have lots like this. It does teach one patience. AND that background is important.

    The hard thing about the smaller birds is that they hide in the bushes and that makes the lens on the camera go beserk.

    But keep trying ... I am ...

  2. Magpie in the first photo is superb! All the photos are terrific, but I simply like Magpies:)

  3. Black and white birds drive me batty because they all look so similar ... but think this is a Currawong rather than a Magpie.

    As for those small birds ... lens going beserk is exactly what happens. Lots of out of focus leaf photos and none of birds but I will keep trying.

  4. Birds are never easy, unless it is a swan or a duck and someone is feeding them nearby. I have been try to get a decent close up of a robin for ages, need a garden and / or a big lens.
    Any bird in Australia is exotic to me!
    Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire pictures


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