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Festival of the Equinox

Evans Crown Reserve, near Tarana in the Greater Blue Mountains region. Working on the theme of the Equinox and thinking of balance, mineral, vegetable and spiritual -- Zen balance rocks immediately sprung to mind.  Now I don't have the patience to balance my own rocks so I checked through my archives to find some that nature had done for me. Click here to see contributions from other City Daily Photo members on this theme.

Tollgate Drive 7 of 7

I saw a number of native plants on this walk.  These hakea pods interested me because they were still quite soft -- I've only ever noticed them when they are hard and dark brown.

Tollgate Drive 6 of 7

There is quite a nice view from the drive.

Tollgate Drive 5 of 7

Strata in the rock revealed by the road cutting.

Tollgate Drive 4 of 7

The drive itself is typical of mountain roads that are not suburban streets.

Tollgate Drive 3 of 7

The railway runs beside the highway most of the way up the mountain.

Tollgate Drive 2 of 7

A view of the highway from the overbridge.  The has been a major highway widening project going on for years and years.  This section was finished some time ago.

Tollgate Drive 1 of 7 - A Road that Beckons

I decided to move up the highway to the next town.  Linden is one of the smaller towns that make up the City of the Blue Mountains.  There are not many streets to choose from so I decided on Tollgate Drive, the highway passes under it.

Theme day: Cafe Chairs

To me the perfect cafe chair is set in dappled light in a beautiful garden ... Everglades Garden, Leura.