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Theme Day: My Street

Junction Falls, South Lawson Park There are waterfalls at the bottom of my street, a short walk into the bush.

Theme Day: Water's Edge

Taken at Glenbrook Lagoon. Click here to view other participants in the City Daily Photo theme day.

Unseasonable snow

This is a post to celebrate the rebirth of the CDP Portal . On Friday the mountains were blanketed in an unseasonable fall of snow (given we are now well into Spring and at best we only have a couple of light falls in any winter).  We live below the snow line and didn't go up to have a look because the highway was closed for most of the day.  The next day we were travelling over the mountains to the west I was surprised to find there was quite a lot still lying on the ground. Spring is such a fickle season.  Freezing cold on Friday and warm and sunny on Saturday.

Theme day: Silhouette

A misty mountain morning by the cliff edge. This is part of the CDP Theme day.   See more participants here.

Over the edge

Carefully moving a little closer to the edge this is what you see, the beautiful Nepean River. And that's the end of the walk, I hope you have enjoyed it.   I will see if I can get out and about again soon.

Watch out

Be careful, don't walk too far, the cliff is unfenced.


Here we are at the end of the track.


Pretty Beronia flowers.


Here is another grevillia beginning to unwrap.  It will eventually look like the flower below which I took five years ago on a walk in this park.  It's known as a Green Spider Flower.


These shy little grevillias are not as showy as others.

Little peas

And the little peas are getting into the act too.


The big pea flowers are heralding the spring.


And the seeds.


Before the flowers are the fruits of the previous season.


It is far too long since I have taken a walk in the bush.  Now on the cusp of spring is the perfect time ... cool and invigorating and the early flowers beginning to peep through for interest along the way. We took a drive through the national park at Glenbrook out to the end of the road.  From here it is a 500 metre walk to the Nepean lookout.  Please join me on a gentle stroll.

Theme day: Chimneys

This is my home and now autumn is past and winter in full swing, so too are the chimneys. Below is a close up and the cheerful log fire.  Brrrr it's been a chilly winter, perfect weather for hibernating inside. Participating in City Daily Photo theme day. Click here to see other participants .


Morning mist, Wentworth Falls Lake Looking at the blogs of my friends this evening I am reminded that today is theme day. Watery themes seem to be popular so I am joining in with my own watery tranquility. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

The end

Gross Valley from Walls Lookout This is the end of my Black and White series.  I think some of the images have worked so well that I will look to do more of it. Check out Sweet Wayfaring , I expect to be back from my blog break this weekend.

Daisy daisy

Paper Daisies, Murphys Glen, Woodford
Upper Wentworth Falls


Wentworth Falls Lake

Inspiration Point

From Gladstone Lookout, Leura


Leura cascades


Sunflower, garden in Lawson


Pond, Faulconbridge


Norman Lindsay Gallery, Faulconbridge

Mountain mist

Cliffs near Katoomba

Flower spike

Grass tree flower


Wentworth Falls Lake, Wentworth Falls


Anzac parade, Lawson


Glenbrook Lagoon, Glenbrook


Feather caught on twig, Katoomba


Autumn in Everglades Gardens, Leura


Urn, Everglades Garden, Leura


Mushroom by walking track


Bridal Veil Falls, Leura


Hairpin banksia, Lawson

Valley farm

Farm, Megalong Valley


Kangaroo Grass, Lawson


Urn in courtyard, Everglades Garden, Leura


Dew spangled web, Katoomba

Open wide

Banksia seed pod after bushfire, Mount Hay


Shamrock Inn, Hartley

Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock, Wentworth Falls


Wattle seed, Lawson waterfall walk

Tarpian Rock

Tarapian Rock, Leura