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The machines were busy loading trucks.


What a scar when the forest is harvested ... but they reveal lost vistas too.


There seemed to be a lot of forest harvesting going on in this area which I guess doesn't happen very often because I understand the trees have to grow 20-30 years first.

Black Springs

We pass through the small timber town of Black Springs which has this typical country church.

Pine forest

Pine plantations also dominate the landscape on this trip. I know some of you commented that you are not keen on them when I posted a pine forest on the last trip. I personally find them quite majestic and see them as a farming crop, albeit a very long term one.

Scenic drive

We're starting a new trip today. I am going to take you on another scenic drive beyond the mountains. This time from Oberon to Abercrombie River National Park and back again.  The area has beautiful park like grazing properties.

Kanangra Walls - Not

It was a sparkling crisp day and the visibility was perfect. Flat battery. With a sense of foreboding I dive into my bag knowing I hadn't charged the spare but tried it anyway. And I'd even left my camera phone in the car!! So sorry friends I have taken you all this way for you to see NOTHING. I will come back another day.

Kanangra Boyd

At the end of the road the vegetation changes again. It becomes windswept banksias and snow gums. I'm looking forward to the spectacular view of Kanangra Walls not far down the walking track.

Road to Kanangra Boyd

About 30 kilometres from the caves on good dirt track through rather nice open forest country is the Kanangra Boyd wilderness area.

Lunch at the caves

Soon we find ourselves crossing the bridge beside the Blue Lake and passing through the Grand Arch of the Jenolan Caves. We took lunch at the bistro at Caves House before moving on.

Picnic spots

There are not many places on the road to pull over for photos but there are a few small picnic spots. The picnic spots all seem to have these mushroom-like tables and chairs and are at damp spots that are pretty and rainforest like.

Winding road

The road begins to wind downwards. These days they stop upwards traffic between 11:45am and 1:15pm each day to give coaches room to negotiate the narrow road.

Wild forest

The pine forests give way to natural eucalypt forest spread in a great expanse of wilderness which is pretty much as it was when white man arrived. In a comment yesterday AB was wondering what the view to the west of the mountains would have looked like to the first white explorers. Their journals say it was a mix of grassland and forest. In doing a little research I found these rather interesting paintings done by one of the people in the party that crossed the mountains with Governor Macquarie on the road built over the mountains within two years of the first crossing.

Pine forest

After a while the grazing land gives over to pine forest plantations, an important industry in this area.

Grazing land

The explorers in 1813 saw a vast expanse of forest and grass land stretching before them, rich enough to 'support the stock of the colony for the next thirty years.'. With views like this is it any wonder I love this drive.