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Road to Kanangra Boyd

About 30 kilometres from the caves on good dirt track through rather nice open forest country is the Kanangra Boyd wilderness area.


  1. Just letting you know that I love your blog. I put it in my folder of my personal top 10 blogs. I live in Colorado, near an oil shale mountain and not all that far from Aspen, so it's fascinating seeing photos of the Blue Mountains. Thanks for a great blog.

  2. You may not appreciate this, but this reminds me of 'Blue Poles'.

  3. Jude, thank you. In the past I visited Boulder/Louisville quite a few times for work and think your mountains are just wonderful.

    Julie, I like Blue Poles so see the link but in terms of artwork I think it is a much closer match with the wonderful Boyd tapestry at Paliament House.

  4. Almost abstract art! This reminds me of an installation I've seen not long ago.


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