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Kanangra Walls - Not

It was a sparkling crisp day and the visibility was perfect.

Flat battery. With a sense of foreboding I dive into my bag knowing I hadn't charged the spare but tried it anyway. And I'd even left my camera phone in the car!!

So sorry friends I have taken you all this way for you to see NOTHING. I will come back another day.


  1. Shit happens ...

    But did you 'dive' or 'dove' ... how many past tenses does English have? The diving is something you patently did in the past. So surely you 'dove' into your bag.

  2. Don't worry, it happens at least once to all of us! :-) I'm sure you'll be back.

  3. Yes very naughty. When I started this series I thought I would get back out there to get the shot or at least be able to dig one up from my archives but I failed at that too!

    Julie, dove ... you're probably right but dove in that context is just not a word I would think to use.


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