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Cable car

Here's the cable car.


  1. I can imagine what a stunning view is for it!
    Have a nice week:)

  2. I've never been up there but I'd like to do it someday despite my phobia with heights.

  3. It's probably close on 40 years since I last rode if Jim .. in the old car not this swish one. I prefer to take tourists on the Scenic Railway.

  4. I have used cable cars in several ocasions and always enjoyed the experience very much except when I was stuck inside one of them for about 10 minutes not knowing what was going on. It seemed the cable car would swing just because you were breathing... Scary! :-)
    The photo is fantastic!

  5. Beautiful photograph of the running cable car!
    and it is very hard to take a picture of it. i by heart appreciate your effort.

  6. All of your photos are great!Your mountains are beautiful and I too never tire of looking at the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC near Asheville.My website & blog have pictures of Western North Carolina.


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