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A change

The road was descending. Then there was a change in the type of forest trees.  I believe these are called Argyle Apple trees but they are still eucalypts.


  1. They ARE called Argyle Apples!

    I know this because back in 1974 when I bought a house (we bought) in the Canberra suburb of Curtin (our very first mortgage!) we planted an AA right in the front yard.

    Very chuffed we were, too.

    Now that is the colour green that I adore. And the leaf shape. And that funny sort of deeply cleaved 'furry' bark.

    Probably why I chose it ...

  2. how intriguing! they look like ropes or vines.

    as i was taking photos in colorado all summer,
    i would think, "now what would joan do?" :)

  3. I like the structure and the pattern of the trees' bark.

  4. Yes that Myrtle green is my true bush.

  5. I like the twisted tree trunk and the pattern of its bark.

  6. You already know I'm a wildlife lover and I truly love your forest shots!

  7. It looks like a scene from the film Avater


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