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More blue flowers

On the walk to Landslide Lookout I saw plenty of flowers -- red, yellow, blue and pink. Here are blue Dampiera flowers. I have seen these often on my various walks but have not shown them in my blog before.

Photo: Dampiera, Katoomba

Words to walk with:
Blue flowers remind me of the skipping rope rhyme I jumped at school,
"Blue bells, cockle shells, eevy, ivy, over"
(the two people holding the rope swung it back and forth gently, with a full turn on the word over. If I remember rightly this was repeated several times with an extra person joining in after each 'over' and was then followed by a more vigourous skipping rhyme like ...)
"Cinderella dressed in yella
went upstairs to kiss her fella
On the way her panties busted
how many people were disgusted.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1o..."
(it kept going until we missed).