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What to do on a grey day

It rained all night. The blue views from the Overcliff Walk were covered with a damp grey blanket. The morning bird chorus muffled. What to do on a grey day like this? I decided to listen harder than normal to the few birds singing.

I heard the now familiar call of Black Cockatoos in the distance. A smaller bird joined in with “Ptich too too” and a crow cawed mournfully as it flapped on dark wings overhead. Another little bird twittered. At the cliff edge there was the melodic "tink tink" of Bellbirds down in grey depths below.

At Lyrebird Lookout I heard the sound of water gurgling over the rocks, falling deep into the Valley of Waters – no Lyrebirds scratching in the damp undergrowth today.

As I turned up the hill for the climb out a Kookaburra laughed loudly (I never feel like laughing when I’m climbing). I found him sitting in a tree when I reached the top.

Laughing Kookaburra
Near the Conservation Hut, Wentworth Falls.
Listen to the Kookaburra laugh

Words to Walk With:
From Kookaburra by T Inglis Moore
“Strangest, most runic, of laughters heard
Comes the laugh of the symbolling bird,
The kookaburra.”