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Birds of a feather

Bird feather after rain on my garden driveway

I’ve seen Rainbow Lorikeets in the bush and in the town recently – eating flowers in the gum trees. These multi-coloured birds typically stay closer to the coast and are an irregular visitor to these parts though apparently in the early days they were misnamed Blue Mountains Parrots (see below).

Words to walk with:
From Fauna of the Blue Mountains by
An early name for [Rainbow Lorikeet] was Blue Mountains Parrot and there are a number of references to it on the Mountains in the early 1800s. However, there seems to have been some confusion over the name and most of the early observers were probably referring to the Crimson Rosella, George Caley noted in 1804 that Blue Mountains Parrots, despite their name, were rarely encountered in the mountains.

Crimson Rosella
Unlike the Rainbow Lorikeet
flocks of Rosellas are seen frequently
all over the mountains