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Praying for rain

As I write, rain is pelting down, lightening is pulsing across the night sky and thunder is so loud it startles. Inside it is dry, dark, and quiet – the satellite TV reception is on the blink and our electricity intermittently failing. Almost certainly a busy night for Emergency Services. Our thirsty land welcomes this rain.

Yesterday we went for the long drive along Kings Tableland, 20kms bumping on dirt road through repetitive forest. Just as I begin to wonder if it is worth it, there is a glimpse of blue distance through the trees and the road ends abruptly near McMahon’s Point lookout.

Lake Burragorang from McMahon’s Lookout

From there you can see Lake Burragorang which backs up behind Warragamba Dam – the drinking water for the great city of Sydney that sprawls at the foot of the mountains. With each new dry year the water line has been receding. Sydney Catchment Authority says the Warragamba storage is now 34.6% of capacity (up from 32.5% in February).

Thank you, heavenly Father, for the rain that is falling and please send rain in its season to replenish our dams and farmland.

Words to walk with:
From Psalm 104 of the Holy Bible – New International Version
"He waters the mountains from his upper chambers,
The earth is satisfied by the fruit of his work,
He makes the grass grow for the cattle,
And plants for man to cultivate –
Bringing forth food from the earth,
Wine that gladdens the heart of man,
Oil to make his face shine,
And bread that sustains his heart.”