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In my post on 20 February 2007 I explained that it is unusual to see animals while walking in the mountains. Darwin’s Walk is no exception, though there are certainly plenty of dogs being walked by people. This is one of the disadvantages of being on a busy track and annoying that many of the dogs are not kept on their leash.

So you can imagine my delight when I saw a tiny Antechinus , marsupial “mouse” on the boardwalk. She shivered with fear before darting back into the protective undergrowth too quickly for me to get a photograph.

Photo: Darwin’s Walk, Wentworth Falls
I also saw skinks, New Holland Honeyeaters and Rosellas while walking and there were several other birds calling that I was unable to identify.

Words to walk with:From signage at the start of the track:
“Antechinus (Antechinus stuartii) Marsupial “mice”. Very vulnerable to cats, dogs and foxes these small marsupials breed in November, after which the males all die. Keep your cat in your yard and locked up at night to give these a chance to survive.”