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More lovely

Better than exotic Naked Ladies (yesterday’s post) are the more homely locals – Flannel Flowers. Soft furry daisy petals daintily tipped with sage green.

Flannel flowers (actinotus helianthi)

Words to Walk With:
From Of All the Flowers by “Rusticus” of Darlinghurst
“Of all the flowers that sweetly blow,
You ask which is the most dear to me.
I love them best which native grow
And unassuming bloom like thee.”


  1. Joan Elizabeth I have been searching for the complete verses of the poem "Of All the Flowers that Sweetly Blow" by Rusticus of Darlinghurst. Could you please let me know where I can find a copy of this lovely poem.

  2. Cognet. I found the poem in "An Australian Wildflower Diary" by Ninette Dutton. There is a second hand copy available on Amazon. The poem is rather long so I can type it all out here but if you email me at bluemountainsjournall at I can send you a scan.

  3. Hello Joan Elizabeth. I have found a copy of book. I think your photos are amazing. I especially like the 2007 series which I have just discovered in the archive section. Thank you so much for your kind response.


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