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Benediction of light

Ingar Picnic and Camping Area is 13kms from Wentworth Falls. Access from Tableland Road is along gravel road, generally in good condition. It’s a pleasant spot with a small dammed lake -- I assume as a water storage to fight bush fires.

I was hoping to duplicate a picture I took with my old camera and was disappointed, it just wouldn’t work – dust on the water and the light too harsh. Not wanting to waste the trip I looked for something different and there it was – a wonderful knobbly old tree bathed in golden light.

Ingar Camping Ground, Blue Mountains

Words to Walk With:
From Ansel Adam’s introduction to his book of spectacular black and white photographs Yosemite and the Range of Light.
“Seeing these photos together brought back the exhilaration of my youth, striding through high places with a heavy camera, absorbing the beauty of both lichen and distant peak, the sound of wind and water, and the ever-present benediction of light.”


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