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Mountain Mist

I was going to Katoomba for business and thought it a good chance to photograph something new. My hopes faded as we drove along the Great Western Highway – the higher altitudes were blanketed in thick white fog. I left my husband sipping a warming cup of hot coffee at the cafĂ© at Echo Point and trudged down the path towards Lady Daley’s Lookout (a short easy walk from Echo Point). I had resigned myself to doing my daily exercise and perhaps getting a photo of a dew dampened spider’s web as the famous Three Sisters were totally obscured from view.

Mountain Mist,
View from Lady Darley's Lookout, Katoomba

Then peeping through the trees on my left I saw the sun beginning to sparkle on a cliff face while mist swirled at its head and feet. I picked up the pace, walking briskly to the lookout and snapped away. Minutes later the fog closed in again and the misty magic vanished.

Words to Walk With
From The Service of Clouds by Delia Falconer

“To live in that high land is to lose your familiarity with the shapes of things. You cannot trust your eyes. In a single day I have witnessed the tremulous birth of the world. I have seen canyons boil. I have watched rain fall upwards from the foot of Mount Solitary. Before my eyes, beneath the sliding veils of vapour, trees have formed soft oceans in the depths of valleys dappled with cold blue shadows in which parrots swam like tropical fish. When the mists come the edges of cliffs blur, rocks melt, chasms close over and streets drop into precipices.”