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Walking tracks of the Blue Mountains

There are many kms of walking tracks in the Blue Mountains, leading the walker to scenic and beautiful places.

Jim Smith in his book, How to See the Blue Mountains says "The Blue Mountains tracks were originally designed as tourist attractions. But they are more than that. Because of the skill and inspiration that went into their making, they are actually works of art ... irreplaceable examples of landscape art."

Walking track, South Lawson

I want to see and photograph this art, as well as nature's own landscapes. Jim's Smith's book outlines nearly 200 different walks of which I have done but a few, hence my plan to go walking each day.

Words to Walk With:
"I am he
who paved the way,
that you might walk
at your ease to-day; ...

I bore the heat,
I blazed the track-
furrowed and bloody
upon my back.

I split the rock;
I felled the tree:
The nation was-
Because of me!"

From Old Botany Bay by Dame Mary Gilmore