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There has been a drought across vast expanses of Australia for many years. Here in the Blue Mountains, which are famed for cold climate gardens, we are feeling the effects of the big dry, with water restrictions and light infrequent rainfall. My flower beds are populated with increasingly skeletal plants.

Raindrop on leaf

What a joy in recent weeks to hear the growl of thunder and the rattle of rain on the roof – gutter overflowing, roof leaking, hard, soaking rain.

Words to Walk With:
From Dry Time by Norma Davis
“All day long the tempest clouds, tulip-dark,
Drifted in sullen strata; and the trees
Crouched like supplicant beggers lifting stark
Beseeching hands in prayer for alms of rain;
But only the dust-drift whitened their ragged knees,
While the black cockatoo and the scrub-wren called in vain.”