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I am not an expert on any of the things in this blog.

My eyes glaze over when good photographers talk about aperture settings, shutter speeds and focal lengths. My photographs result from a smart camera with useful presets and my personal love affair with colour, shape and light.

My academic degrees are in computing and business not in literature. My selection of “Words to Walk With:” are based on an unsophisticated delight in how poets and others paint pictures and express emotion and meaning with words. They give me things to ponder as I walk.

I am overweight and unfit and topographical maps makes as much sense to me as the scribbles on a Scribbly Gum. I have walked none of the long, difficult and more spectacular tracks. I do bush strolling not bush walking.

Scribbly Gum

I know little about the birds, plants and animals of the Blue Mountains but delight in my surroundings and want to know more.

Finally, any gardens I may depict spring from garden appreciation not gardening.

This blog is not about knowing, it is about finding what to know.