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Morning Enchantment

Near Lawson Swimming Pool, trees flank a grassy spot where a thin stream runs from a low waterfall to a string of ponds, decorated with cement sculptures from a past era.

Morning light near Lawson Swimming Pool

A bevy of plump female bower birds flitted about a tall gum tree, started a matronly chorus. Currawongs joined in with a musical “helloo helloo hellooooo”. Magpies warbled tunefully in the distance and King Parrots added piping piccolo whistles. Other small birds chirped and trilled, while with a showy flash of inky blue feathers the male bower bird added a percussion of beats. A long-legged water bird perched tall and silent on a central stone conducting the morning symphony while I was whisked away in a magical coach with a whip bird cracking at the horses.

Words to Walk With:
From The Waterlily by Kate Llewellyn
Sunday 26 January
Light mist with birds calling. Early in mornings the orchestra tunes up and each bird with its different instrument begins until, grouped or alone, they mix the sound into a great texture that nets up the lightening sky.