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Cheerful weeds

Yellow calliopsis flowers profusely along the roadside throughout the summer. This bright non-native plant is a weed but I like it. I reminds me of my home in Queensland where it also marched rampantly up the road, swaggered across the football field and waved like bright flags beside the grey headstones at the cemetery. My Dad reckoned that’s where it started up there -- someone planted it on a grave.

Here in the Mountains, where the natural environment is so very important, I am sure many a bushcare worker would like to see this little plant cremated forever. I guess that’s another reason why I like it – for its cheerful naughtiness.

Calliopsis (introduced plant)

Incidentally, I have noticed that nearly every close up I take of flowers has an insect lurking in it somewhere. The environment must be teaming with bugs.

Words to Walk With:
From Kate Llewellyn’s delightful Blue Mountains Journal The Waterlily
"Wednesday 20 November
I am in love with a weed. Its name is calliopsis. All along the train lines miles and miles of the bright yellow flower with frail green foliage waving in the most brilliant display of homecoming. Better I suppose to love a weed than a rogue."