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Looking for the King 4 - Flags

Purple Flag Iris - Patersonia.  The flags are flying to welcome the King. 

These particularly amuse me because I was really fascinated the first time I noticed them, only to discover they appear all over the mountains.   I must have been walking around with my eyes closed for 15 years.


  1. Wild flowers tend to a bit like that, something you think might be unusual is all over the place. The opposite can also be true, when I was much younger we had a meadow at the back of the house I just assumed the flowers that were in abundance there were common, only to discover many years later that they were really quite rare.
    I love flag irises, our local wild ones are yellow.

  2. I remember seeing lots of those in the bush when I lived in Loftus. We called them snake flowers for some unknown reason. They are a lovely colour.

  3. Paul, these aren't really irises. Apparently there are no real irises native to Australia so those nostalgic for the real thing gave the name to some other flowers.

    Diane, I thought I would google Snake Flowers and found an image of a different type of purple flower called a snake flower ... the only problem was that source was ... not a very reliable source :-)

  4. Same with me, and what a vivid colour.

  5. They make a beautiful subject to photograph.


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