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Looking for the King 5 - Drums and trumpets

Drumsticks - Isopogon and Common Heath - Epacris Impressa. There are drums and trumpets leading the parade

These two are old friends I am always happy to welcome. The symmetry of the drumsticks please me and the delicate beauty and resilience of the heath flowers delight me.


  1. Oo - that heath is pretty - so different from the ones round here.

    See the red one here:

  2. What is that mathematical conceit that they apply to the symmetry and reptition within nature. I suspect you will know it. That is what your drumstick puts me in mind of.

    I suspect there are no wildflowers in Paddo, just garden escapees.

  3. I should go for a wander through either Trumper Park or Cooper Park to photograph flowers I find and try to work out if any are 'native'.

  4. Letty's red heath looks so very different. More like a bell. Is that what this looks like side-on?

  5. The top one is similar to one that Peter has posted today and is trying to idenytify.

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  7. These are new to me too. The bottom one reminds me of lupins.

  8. Letty, there are quite a few varieties of heath, I have another coming up a little later in this series. I have shown a pink variety of this one taken last year at

    Julie, it is Euclid's algorithm that you are thinking of. What I am learning at Whistlers Rest is the biodiversity there is in the natural landscape. I now know what conservationists are bleating about when it comes to loss of biodiversity in our built landscapes. It's a challenge though, we generally don't buy a block of land to be a conservation zone.

    Jim, yes it does look similar to Peter's pic. I think his a narrow leafed version.

    Winam, perhaps a bit like lupins but these flowers are much smaller. I like lupins even though they are weed in the high country.


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