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Looking for the King 1 - Dressing up

Hairpin Banksia - Banksia Spinolus. Last time I took you out on this road was May 2009, in the autumn when these would have been in their youthful beauty.  Unlike the spring flowers they are fading. I like to think there is beauty in aging. Let's pin up our hair and dress up smart ... we are off the meet the king.


  1. Umm! I'm still thinking - king of bush flowers!!! my hair is pinned up ready - is it King Protea ??

  2. They do look fine even when dead. I'm ready too.

  3. Pin up my hair .. PIN!! Golly, next you will want me to wear solid shoes with little white socks, and a handbag over my arm.

    Oh, alright then ...

    Ageing is where beauty is the most evident.

  4. Julie, you described how I used to look going to Sunday School in the 1950s ... back when hairpins were popular.


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