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Looking for the King 3 - Crowd

There is a crowd gathering for a spring parade, the King must be this way.  Unknown flower, Rice flower - Pimelea,  Smokebush (I think). 

The diversity of bush flowers never ceases to amaze me.  Each year I welcome the ones I have seen before as old friends and puzzle over the new ones, hoping to one day work out their name. 


  1. The top flower is new to me - very delicate colourings but I wonder about the stem - I think it might leave a sting on the skin.

  2. I'm really enjoying discovering these spring flowers with you, Joan.

  3. Spectacular spring flowers Joan, you live in such a great place for wildflowers. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Love the last shot. It looks like one I saw in WA. In fact are you trying to make the point that NSW have fabulous wild flowers too. If so you have succeeded.And what is more.. you know the names of them. I gave up trying to identify them, there were so many similar but different ones.

  5. Dianne, it is new to me too and I have misplaced my Blue Mountains flower book (again) so I can't look it up as easily. A web search didn't help me.

    Winam, I am so happy you are enjoying the flowers because I always enjoy the flowers you show in your blog.

    Mark, there are lots of wildflowers here but you'd be amazed at how many there are just about anywhere, they just seem to blend into the landscape. I have found heaps and heaps at Whistlers Rest and it never looks particularly flowery.

    Diane, even though our flowers are lovely NSW just can't compete with the West. I also gave up trying to name the ones we saw out in the dessert. Here I see them more often so have a better chance of figuring things out. As for the similar but different ... that is why I gave up trying to name pea flowers ages ago, the differences are too subtle for me.

  6. I agree that they blend in and we miss them because of their familiarity. Or we mistake them for weeds.

    When I am in France I see all the wayside flowers .. I guess because they are different, and I have my other eyes on.


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