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Near the ruin I showed you yesterday there is this graveyard.  I wonder what stories there are to tell from this rural property.

That's the end of this trip.  I'm going to take you on a new drive in the Blue Mountains starting tomorrow.


  1. Yes Joan - I'm sure there would be sad tales to tell - like in most remote farming areas.
    I'm looking forward to your next trip.

  2. Sadly they look long forgotten.

  3. My Dad recently found my GG grandmother's grave from 1873 on a farming property in Qld.

    She was an Irish immigrant from Manchester. Her sons took to bush life like ducks to water - great horse and bushmen but apparently, she got lost in the bush near the station where they lived (near Stanthorpe)- she was eventually found but she died from exposure. She was only my age and left 10 kiddies.

  4. Hah ... that story of Lettie's is a ripper. She should be documenting what her Da is researching. I shall tell her, shall I. I think I have done so already, but with youngsters it is always worth harping on!!

    This is the sort of graveyard that I die for. Sorry.

    But the stories here would be so good to research and let the people live once more.

  5. I know.

    I should start a blog on graveyards in NSW.

    What would I use for free time ...


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