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Sublime Point Road 2 of 7

Leura, along with most of the older settlements in the mountains is replete with "exotic" trees which colour beautifully in Autumn (unlike the evergreen native forests which encircle us).


  1. Whoa - that is one fancy fence.
    Reminds me of those at Mt Macedon in Vic.

    1. Yeh fancy stone fences abound along this street. Sorenson, a landscape architect, did some amazing stone fences in the mountains. Having a Sorenson garden is "the thing" around Leura and there are plenty of others that have followed his ideas.

      The top picture at this link is an example of his stonework

      I agree Leura does have a Mt Macedon feel about it.

    2. Great colours and fresh air!

    3. Oh I love that holey stone wall on your link.

  2. By exotic, I gather they are nowt but big weeds.


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