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Hat Hill Road 4 of 7

It is a long road with lots of quite lovely older style houses, many with huge old trees like this one.


  1. Wow, that's almost fairy tale material.

  2. Yeah!
    It IS like a fairytale house!

  3. Yes, just like a house in the woods. I was taken but the size of the trees, remembering that a year or so ago there was a huge wind in Blackheath that blew lots of trees like that over.It was no wonder that some houses had to be demolished after trees had fallen on them.

    We have big pines in our own garden but these seemed somehow more menacing.

  4. Quite like that part of Blackheath. Kind of like the forests of Finland I'm travelling through now.

  5. This reminds me very much of houses [and trees] down here in Castlecrag.


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